Thursday 12 January 2017

Year 11 art exam schedule and project planner.

Year 11 exam project planner January 2017
WK 1
Mon 9th Jan
1)      Brain storm lots of words and ideas that show thinking about the theme, add small pics too. Take photos.
2)      1st artist/contextual study – choose artist/context that gives you something in it’s style to copy. Include a small picture, large interpretation.
3)      Evaluation and analysis is important because it demonstrates why you have made your choices. Comment on – why have you chosen the artist /context?
How is the artist style going to influence you in your own work. ANNOTATION.

WK 2
Mon 16th Jan
1)      2nd artist/contextual study – same requirements as in the 1st study. Ensure you choose someone or something that can give you something to take from it. You need to be able to re-use the style or technique in your own development. (If there is nothing from the artist or investigation that you can take, don’t choose it!) ANNOTATION.

WK 3
Mon 23rd Jan
1)      3rd artist/contextual study – choose carefully and remember to explain how you are going to use this style or technique in your own artwork development. ANNOTATION.

WK 4
Mon 30th Jan
1)      Collect photos and drawings of the theme – take good quality photos if you can. Choose to collect pictures that allow you to use further on in the development of your own work.
2)      Draw and record 3 large images minimum, at least A4 on the A3 page. These could be from your photos or different images. ANNOTATION.

WK 5
Mon 6th Feb
1)      Produce 4 or 5 artist interpretations based on the styles and techniques of the artists you have researched. These should be interpretations that are of your own images but are showing the style or techniques of your chosen artists or cultures. These should be at least A3 or even across a double page. They could be done out of the book if necessary and need to reflect materials and techniques you are interested in. Explain what you are doing; evaluate your outcomes and feelings about your work. This work will take 2 weeks. ANNOTATION.

WK 6
Mon 13thFeb
Mon 20th Feb ½ term week (CATCH UP THIS WEEK)
WK 1
Mon 27thFeb
1)      Take 2 artist interpretations to explore further and refine and develop. Explore materials or techniques by showing your skills using the formal elements of TONE, LINE, TEXTURE, SHAPE, FORM and COLOUR. Choose materials and techniques that you enjoy using and are relevant to the artist choices you have already made. Evaluate your outcomes and explain what you have done and why. Explain how this is furthering your project development. ANNOTATION.

WK 2
Mon 6th Mar

1)      Develop and refine your chosen idea further and explore colour, materials, and techniques, whatever is relevant. Consider crops, composition, mini versions, sections etc. This activity needs to involve preparation for the exam and should take 2 weeks. This task will give you your final piece for you to them copy or work from. ANNOTATION.

WK 4 Mon 20th March

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