Monday 26 June 2017

Finally..... finished corals.

Stunning painted corals completed by year 10 last week and today. 
They have looked at the work of Courtney Mattison and Diane Lublinski for inspiration. 
The outcomes are inspiring. 
Well done year 10, I love them!
Mrs G.

War and Peace, a year 9 project.

We have just completed this display in the foyer of the school. 
I am so proud of the work you have achieved year 9, well done.
Mrs G.

Friday 23 June 2017

Mexican day of the dead

9A2 have made such a lot of progress today. 
They have really focused their skills and considered adding detail through painting flower designs and colour, some were even making flowers. Their contextual studies are really helping them with ideas. I can't wait for our next lesson 9A2, very proud of how you have worked today. 
Well done!