Friday 25 November 2016

Year 7 insect drawings

Beautiful drawings done by 7B1 today. 
These tonal observations show how hard the pupils have concentrated to achieve their targets.
There drawings are wonderful, well done.
Mrs G. 😀

Aboriginal art clay tiles

Well done to 8B1 making beautiful Aboriginal art style clay tiles this afternoon. 
All of year 8 have worked hard this week to apply their knowledge and skills using clay to create effect and interesting designs. 
Pupils have used different marks and textures to create pattern and symbols. 
These look great.
Well done,
 Mrs G.



Tuesday 22 November 2016

High quality pencil portraits by year 9

These are so good, year 9!  
This is a selection of what has been handed in this week. 
Well done.

Thursday 17 November 2016

Year 10 portrait workshop with John Denaro

John Denaro has been with us for 3 days this week. He has been working with year 10 artists to create large scale pastel portraits. We are all so pleased with the outcomes. 
Well done year 10, you have all worked so very hard this week and now these wonderful images can go into your GCSE portfolios. Fantastic!
I'm so proud, 
Mrs G.

These are examples of John's work, really incredible!