Thursday 20 September 2018

2018 Pottery club

Pottery club started again yesterday. 
Lots of year 7's and 8's began their pottery course by making slab fish dishes, really creative use of the clay.
 I'm really please to see how well they started the course. 
I will upload the outcomes as the get finished. 
More to follow.


Splendiferous cakes!

Wow! such creativity shown in these amazing cakes! 
These are some of the entries in the cake competition organised by Mrs Brett and her librarians. 

Mrs Brett worked hard organizing an amazing cake competition and cake sale in order to raise funds. The outcomes speak for them selves. 
Well done to those who entered and provide such delicious and creative cakes for us all to wonder over and then eat!

Wednesday 19 September 2018

Year 9 start the portrait project

Year 9 are handing in their pencil drawings of eyes.
They worked hard in class last week looking at developing tones and detail.
They finished for homework and have produced some wonderful images.