Tuesday 4 October 2016

Open evening at the Corbet School art department

Another very successful open evening in the art department. 
Lots of super work on display and all done by my very talented pupils. 
We were able to show a great range of work from years 7 through to year 11. 
A big thank you too, to the year 7 and 8 pupils who helped out and created some super Aboriginal art designs as they demonstrated dot painting techniques to the new year 6s.
A big thank you!
Mrs G.

Esme's work

Jenny's work

Ellie's work

Megan's work

Bella's work

Year 11 ceramics

Year 7 cakes

Year 7 cakes and year 10 collagraphs

Year 10 sketchbooks and year 11 sculpture masks.

Year 8 sketchbooks and card booklets, looking at the work of Henri Rousseau and Helen Musselwhite

Year 11 exam work

Year 11 exam work

Year 11 exam work

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